Jan. 24, 2019

Ready to Serve on House Education and Judiciary Committees


Late last week, I was assigned to serve on the high-profile state House Education and Judiciary committees.

The House Education Committee has oversight on state issues involving public and private schools, encompassing pre-K through college.

As a member of the House Education Committee, I am greatly looking forward to having a more prominent role in the ongoing debate to eliminate school property taxes. As a proud graduate of Thaddeus Stevens Trade School, I will be fighting for legislation to give our schools the flexibility to expand career, trade-based and technical education opportunities.

Our young people need this proven workforce development training to succeed in high-demand jobs that pay family-sustaining wages.

The House Judiciary Committee focuses on issues and legislation relating to state and federal laws. Some of the topics overseen by the committee include firearms laws, illegal immigration reform, judicial reform, safety of state correctional officers, sex offenders, drug trafficking and criminal law.

A common thread shared by our federal and state Constitutions is that government is specifically designed to uphold justice in our society by protecting the rights of individual citizens, rather than trampling on them. It is of critical importance to defend our right to bear arms.

During the 2019-20 Legislative Session, I will also be returning to serve as a member of the House Health and State Government committees.

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Safe2Say Tip Line Now Live

The statewide Safe2Say tip line designed to give students, teachers, parents and community members the ability to anonymously report potential threats and other problems is now live in Pennsylvania.

To report a possible dangerous or violent situation, individuals can call the state tip line at 844-723-2729. Tips can also be reported to saysomething.org or through the Safe2Say app on iPhone and Android devices.

The Safe2Say tip line gives students a way to share information without fear of repercussions or blame from their peers.

Individuals are encouraged to report physical or verbal assault and bullying, discussion about an upcoming planned attack on the school or a person, depression, excessive guilt or hopelessness, suicidal threats or self-harm, substance abuse, or social isolation or withdrawal.

The tip line was modeled after the Safe2Tell program in Colorado, which has received more than 30,000 reports since its inception in 2004, including reports of a planned school attack, suicidal threats and child abuse.
New Tool to Fight Drug Abuse

To help continue efforts to fight prescription drug abuse, there is a new tool available for health care providers and the general public to report suspicious activity involving prescription medication.

The Suspicious Activity Report form, administered by the Office of Attorney General, gives an easy way for people to report fraudulent, stolen or altered prescriptions, or a suspicious doctor/pharmacy.

Tips can be submitted anonymously or with your contact information included for follow up from the Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigations.

The form and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.