Apr. 18, 2019

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The Weekly Roundup

 The latest news from the State Capitol

Working for the People

Thank you to Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Pennsylvania who presented me with the “Champion of the Merit Shop” award in recognition of my A+ 2017-2018 legislative voting record!

Representing nearly 2,000 companies across the Commonwealth, ABC PA offers construction related skills training and advocates for free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy. Merit shop is a term which refers to a firm or organization operating without a labor union or consisting primarily of non-union construction contractors.

Pictured with me (from left) are Dave Neslund, Triangle Refrigeration Company, Edward Nescah, Fairfield Company, Dennis Campbell, Heim Construction Company, and Nevin Weaver, Weaver Masonry.
Pension Forfeiture for Sex Offenses

Working to ensure public officials and employees are held fully accountable for their actions, the House approved legislation this week that would force them to forfeit their taxpayer-funded pensions if they are convicted of committing a sexual offense.

The bill builds on Act 1 of 2019, which requires any public official who is convicted of a felony to forfeit his or her pension.

Under House Bill 991, public employees and officials – including elected officials – would lose their pension if convicted of offenses such as indecent assault, indecent exposure or unlawful dissemination of an intimate image (commonly referred to as revenge porn).

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.
Helping to Put More Domestic Abusers Behind Bars

Continuing the commitment to protecting crime victims, the House this week approved a bill to ensure victims of strangulation get the justice they deserve.

Prior to a 2016 law, strangulation could only be charged as a misdemeanor assault in Pennsylvania. Act 111 made it a criminal offense, and according to law enforcement officials across the state, the law has helped put more domestic abusers behind bars.

House Bill 854 builds on that progress by fully incorporating strangulation into our laws, ensuring any prior strangulation conviction will be recognized and considered in subsequent cases.

You can learn more about House Republican efforts to protect crime victims here.  

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.
Happy Passover and Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone observing the Passover Seder at sundown this Friday the blessings of health and peace. Chag Samaech!

For everyone celebrating Easter this weekend, have a safe, blessed and holy Easter!
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