Oct. 28, 2019

People Praying for Life, Knowles Says Knowles asks for withdrawal of censure resolution
HARRISBURG – Following the receipt of a card from Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) to the victims he bullied and harassed, Rep. Jerry Knowles (R-Berks/Carbon/Schuylkill) has asked that House Resolution 387, to censure Sims, be withdrawn.

“It’s sad that it took more than five months for Rep. Sims to acknowledge he did something very wrong, but he did finally apologize to the people he bullied, harassed and doxed at the Philadelphia abortion clinic,” said Knowles.

According to Knowles, Ashley Garecht, who was with her two daughters and one of their friends praying at the clinic, recently received a card from Sims apologizing for his actions.

“This weekend our family received an apology card from Rep. Brian Sims for his behavior toward our daughters this past April. We forgave Mr. Sims many months ago and we extend that forgiveness to him again today. We hope that he will modify his conduct in the future. We also call on him to make a public statement of contrition as an appropriate balance to his public acts of harassment and as a reminder to others that dangerous and threatening behavior toward those they disagree with has no place in our society,” Garecht said.

Knowles on several occasions, privately reached out to Sims asking him to apologize to the victims and the member’s of the House of Representatives. Sims refused to even acknowledge Knowles’ communications.

“Not only did Rep. Sims ignore my requests, he actually worked to raise money off his bullying,” Knowles said. “His actions were wrong and were an insult to every member of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania.”

“Rep. Sims own arrogance led me to call for a censure, but now that he finally acknowledged his wrongdoing, I am asking that the resolution be withdrawn. I hope the Representative learned something from this experience. The teenaged girls he doxed certainly did,” he added.

For more information contact Knowles’ district office in Tamaqua at 570-668-1240, or in Hamburg at 610-562-3411. Information can also be found online at RepKnowles.com or Facebook.com/RepKnowles.

Representative Jerry Knowles
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